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Who are we & what do we do?

Over the last 20 years we have all developed and nurtured an interest in the paranormal and a love for the unexplained. We are a family run business and offer many ghost experiences throughout Kent.

True Paranormal Investigations Ltd, investigate locations that are reported to be haunted by ghosts. Typically, we will attempt to collect evidence supporting the existence of paranormal activity. We use a variety of electronic devices, including EMF meters, digital thermometers, both handheld and static digital video cameras, including thermographic and night vision cameras, as well as digital audio recorders. Other more traditional techniques are also used, such as conducting interviews and researching the history of allegedly haunted sites.

We strive on giving a completely genuine experience, nothing we do on our tours are fake or exaggerated, and quite often we are as shocked as our guests. Due to the genuine nature of our business, we cannot guarantee results however, so far throughout our previous events, our success rate of contacting the afterlife has been fantastic.

Mark Mills 
Mark spent over 15 years in the hospitality industry, nurturing a love of the paranormal and spirit world in his spare time (whilst also being an avid football, darts and snooker fan!). He would definitely say his passion started with the many hours dedicated to watching 'Most Haunted' with his sister Lynda and has now built up quite the collection of books and documentaries surrounding the subject.

Kelly Mills
Having always had a thirst for the unexplained (Kelly vividly remembers watching endless episodes of 'Unsolved Mysteries' as a child and Horror is her favourite genre). Her interests were truly peaked however when she met Mark 3 years ago. Having found a kindred spirit she has been able to fully embrace this venture. You will usually find her taking care of the day to day admin and social media for M&L when she isn't attending events.  

Lynda Mills
Lynda has had a fascination in the paranormal since a young child and first witnessed spirit at the age of 15. She soon discovered she possessed a gift and was, in fact, a 'sensitive'. She is currently learning to develop her talents with the help of a medium. Although her three children keep her on her toes, she is loving being able to bring these events to like-minded, local people.  

Andy - The Tech Guy
Hi, I'm Andy the tech engineer. My first paranormal experience was in 1977. And I have been having them ever since. And now my aim is to gather evidence to prove their existence.